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“We can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create them.” —Albert Einstein

Cloud computing has definitely created some interesting new IT problems.

While data security once meant securing the physical datacenter, the cloud has expanded the IT ecosystem’s perimeter in a literal (but amorphous) way, creating a conundrum: how can you secure something you can’t quite see or measure?

While robust solutions for datacenter security and compliance have long since existed, the cloud is still “Wild West” territory. While many vendors say their products address cloud “security,” there seems to be no common definition of the term. Some of these tools fill a specific gap—encryption or vulnerability scanning, for example. Others are datacenter security tools retrofitted for the cloud. Still others are built specifically for the cloud, but cannot be used in the datacenter, as well.

Cavirin is different.

Instead of thinking of the cloud like a datacenter in the sky, or “tacking on” cloud functionality as an afterthought to a datacenter product, Cavirin was designed with cloud architecture in mind. We created a system to allow the user to create a single security “bubble” and extend it to the entire IT ecosystem, both in the datacenter and across multiple cloud environments.

Cavirin began its life as an acquisition by a Japanese company, SRA OSS, who wanted to gain a foothold in the US market. At its core was a powerful discovery tool that supported the broadest range of hardware we’d ever seen. It worked in the datacenter, in the cloud, and across multivendor environments. It was the perfect raw material to shape into a market-leading product.

While we have preserved elements of the original acquisition, we have reconceived much, as well. We added a feature for capturing configuration data to save and use as baseline policies. We added a library of over 30,000 out-of-the-box policies (including regulatory policies, such as PCI and HIPAA), and created a feature for easily modifying and building new ones. We have created a true “command-and-control center” for the entire IT ecosystem.

Headquartered in Santa Clara—the nerve center of Silicon Valley—Cavirin’s offices are buzzing with techie discussions and debates over coffee and locations for group lunches. Our small, multicultural team has truly come together, bonding over programming languages, data structures, and spicy snacks.


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  • Testimonial

    Purnima Padmanabhan


    Purnima Padmanabhan, CEO

    Purnima Padmanabhan is a nationally acclaimed thought leader in the fields of network security and compliance, mobile strategy, desktop management, and virtualization. Before Cavirin, Purnima was COO for MokaFive, where she was responsible for overall strategy, its go-to-market plans, product management, and product marketing. She has led product teams at BMC, Marimba, and LoudCloud, and was an analyst at McKinsey & Company. Purnima holds an MBA from Stanford University, and an MS in Computer Engineering from USC. Little known facts about Purnima include that she holds a degree in music and is a champion slow cyclist.

  • Testimonial

    Burt Toma

    VP of Product

    Burt Toma, VP of Product

    Burt Toma is responsible for overall product strategy at Cavirin. Prior to Cavirin, he served as VP of Products and Engineering at MokaFive, a desktop-virtualization software company. Burt has led product teams at enterprise technology companies such as BMC Software, Opsware, and Loudcloud, to name a few. After receiving his BS and MS degrees from MIT, Burt also earned his MBA from UC Berkeley. Burt was born and raised in Hawaii and always looks forward to return visits. His secret ambition is to make the world’s best gluten-free fried chicken.

  • Testimonial

    James Thornton

    VP of Sales

    James Thornton, VP of Sales

    James Thornton manages all sales and marketing at Cavirin. Prior to joining Cavirin, he served in various executive roles at General Dynamics, where he was charged with conceptualizing, building and leading a national high-performance commercial enterprise team focused on innovative secure cloud, data management, and mobility technologies. James holds an MBA with distinction from Regis University and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) accreditation from (ISC).  His secret desire is have a private dinner with the surviving members of Led Zeppelin.

  • Testimonial

    Praveen Dulam

    VP of Engineering

    Praveen Dulam, VP of Engineering

    Praveen Dulam comes to Cavirin with more than 15 years of experience in building networking, cloud, and security-based products. He has led engineering teams at Klouddata, Cisco, Lucent (Bell Labs), and Wipro and has worked with some successful early-stage startups, including IOSPAN and Aquent. Praveen holds an Advanced Computer Security Certification from Stanford University, an MS in computer engineering from Osmania University, and a BS from the College of Engineering at Warangal. His secret ambition is to be the first passenger on a commercial space flight.

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Join us

We use air quotes when we say the word “impossible.”
Cavirin is an early-stage software startup headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the “nerve center” of Silicon Valley. We’re looking for brilliant, inspired developers to join our engineering team. If you are passionate, driven, and creative, we want to hear from you.

Security Specialist

Have you ever dominated a competitive hackfest? Do you get perverse pleasure out of discovering security holes in websites, gaming systems, and software? Do your friends call you when they forget their ATM PINs? If so, you might be “the one.” We’re looking for a “dark ops” security warrior to become our resource in a number of areas, such as systems security, applications security, cryptography, and/or network security. In this role, you will be analyzing software designs and implementation from a security perspective and discovering any subtle security issues that appear under unexpected threat scenarios.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Act as a security engineering expert and technical champion
  • Understand and communicate security issues and their risks to engineers and management
  • Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to build the most robust, innovative software on the market
  • The desire and ability to work in emerging technologies such as virtualization, cloud and/or software-defined networking
  • Experience with or interest in as threat modeling, security code review, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and tools development
  • Strong understanding of security issues in at least one of the following areas: web applications, system software, or networking
  • Current skills developing software in both Java and C/C++
  • Strong communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Master’s is desirable)

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