Why Cavirin? Because no matter what type of cloud business you’re in, you’re always in the trust business.

In a recent survey, over 70% of SaaS companies interviewed said they had SLAs requiring them to demonstrate their security and compliance with regulations, such as PCI DSS. Most reported that they met the requirement through expensive third-party audits.

Fear of compromising security or compliance is a major speed bump for enterprise cloud adoption. Worse, it can become a roadblock in your sales cycle.

Cavirin gives you a tangible way to communicate your security and regulatory compliance status to prospects.

Colorful dashboards, customizable reports, and a compliance “report card” help you earn your prospects’ trust. You can choose from thousands of “out-of-the-box” policies, or modify them to meet customers’ specific needs.

Here’s why world-class SaaS companies choose Cavirin: 

  • Our innovative software and security expertise helps increase market share
  • Cavirin helps them continuously demonstrate a proactive and optimal security posture,  ingredients for a competitive advantage
  • It helps them decrease inefficiencies and manual processes, which impact the speed of business
  • Decrease sales cycles as it relates to regulatory customer-requirement roadblocks



Cavirin helps you demonstrate your security and compliance posture.

We call that “competitive advantage.”

From the datacenter to the cloud

Cavirin offers you security and compliance for today’s “elastic enterprise.”


Take your business to the cloud…

with confidence.


Cavirin’s robust solution works around the clock to keep you in compliance.
Feature 1

Zero footprint, deep discovery
    • Completely agentless. No software to install on endpoints
    • Covers all your devices, with support for Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers, as well as for switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls
    • Identifies installed applications, OS, and patch levels
Feature 2

Automated system-compliance checks
  • Continuous compliance evaluation against PCI, HIPAA, NIST, patches, and vulnerabilities
  • Configuration change alerts to keep you informed of potentially dangerous drift
  • Easy policy builder lets you teach Cavirin your own rules
Feature 3

Extend security to the cloud
  • Single console and policy engine extends your datacenter security measures to your cloud instances
  • Deep integration with VMware ESX virtualization and AWS cloud environments
  • Captures relationships in cloud accounts and hypervisors to identify instance-movement violations

Cavirin gives you

consistent security

from the datacenter to the cloud

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