The bottom line is: It’s vital to have a single solution with multiple vantage points to get an accurate view of the entire IT ecosystem—from datacenter to cloud, both within the workload and in its surrounding environment. Without it, a company is flying blind and perilously vulnerable to attack.

Cavirin gives you visibility across your entire IT ecosystem. It supports the broadest range of devices and vendors on the market, so nothing escapes notice. It searches out outdated and unpatched servers—the number-one culprit implicated in major IT security breaches. It checks your firewall and OS configurations against best practices and regulatory policies. But it doesn’t stop there. Cavirin also monitors your accounts—ensuring tight access control, strict password and lockout policies, and unused accounts.

Cavirin is…

  • Continuous. In contrast to periodic audits, Cavirin continuously scans your entire environment for drift, policy violations, and misconfigurations
  • Lightweight.  Agentless, with minimal performance impact
  • Container-aware. Secures your entire IT infrastructure, including both cloud workloads and associated accounts
  • Economical. Costs 50% less than Tripwire and other heavyweight solutions
  • Easy to deploy. The product is deployed as a virtual appliance that can be easily dropped in to the IT infrastructure. It requires no special training to install or deploy.
  • Visual. Colorful reports and dashboards make it easy to get a handle on what’s happening…at a glance

How it works

World-class security and compliance for the elastic enterprise.

Cavirin is unique, in that it protects your cloud workloads AND the accounts you use to access them. It gives you a single pane of glass for visibility into your entire IT ecosystem. After comparing your environment against the policies you’ve chosen, Cavirin lets you know how closely you comply with PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, ISO, CSA, and thousands other regulations and best-practice guidelines.


Cavirin continuously scans the entire IT infrastructure, discovering and cataloging new cloud instances and devices, then checking their configurations against pre-selected policies.


Select from and modify thousands of out-of-the box regulatory policies and best-practice guidelines. Easily save configurations as policies.


Cavirin provides an easy-to-read “report card” with a pass-or-fail grade, making it simple to identify gaps that could lead to a catastrophic data breach.

Take your business to the cloud…

with confidence.


Cavirin’s robust solution works around the clock to keep you in compliance.
Feature 1

Zero footprint, deep discovery
  • Completely agentless. No software to install on endpoints
  • Covers all your devices, with support for Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers, as well as for switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls
  • Identifies installed applications, OS, and patch levels
Feature 2

Automated system-compliance checks
  • Continuous compliance evaluation against PCI, HIPAA, NIST, patches, and vulnerabilities
  • Configuration change alerts to keep you informed of potentially dangerous drift
  • Easy policy builder lets you teach Cavirin your own rules
Feature 3

When you’re ready, reach for the cloud
  • Single console and policy engine extends your datacenter security measures to your cloud instances
  • Deep integration with VMware ESX virtualization and AWS cloud environments
  • Captures relationships in cloud accounts and hypervisors to identify instance-movement violations

Cavirin gives you

consistent security

from the datacenter to the cloud