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To help hybrid organizations of all sizes leverage the cost savings and agility of the cloud without increasing operational risk or reducing their security posture.

Why Cavirin

Cavirin, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a privately-held, global provider of risk, cybersecurity, and compliance posture intelligence for the hybrid cloud. Cavirin’s continuous protection, monitoring, and remediation, across hybrid infrastructure, automates compliance and secures organizations from possible cyber attacks. Powered by Cavirin’s patent-pending machine learning technology, our CyberPosture Intelligence, provides users the most accurate credit-like scoring view of their security posture, so they can make informative decisions when protecting their organization.


Customer Commitment

Our top priority is helping our customers achieve and maintain the highest standards of security and compliance in the constantly changing technological landscape.

Awards & Honors

We have received several industry awards in recognition of our leadership in delivering cyberposture intelligence for the hybrid cloud.

Team Execution

We work cohesively as a team, and together are building something great. Always looking for team players, who want to be part of an organization with amazing people and top notch technology.


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