Organizations that implement CIS Controls are likely to prevent majority of cyber-attacks.

The CIS Critical Security Controls™ (CIS Controls) are a concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous cyber-attacks. CIS CSC v.6.1 contains important components that make-up an effective cyber defense system, allowing companies to prioritize controls that protect against the greatest threats, provide metrics for IT personnel to understand, continuously diagnose and mitigate risks, and automate defenses to ensure compliance with the controls.

Audit Once Use Many - Unified Compliance

Like many standards covering cyber risk, Critical Security Controls are broken out to Network, Application, and System.  Whether the organization approaches security from a risk centric or the matrix approach of NIST 800-53 r4 and Appendix J for Privacy, the efforts to make an enterprise resilient should be the same.  Explaining these efforts to the board should be results driven and simple. Cavirin security and compliance experts evaluate and map the CSC top 20 to 100% of applicable areas in NIST 800-53 r4 and Appendix J for Privacy. 

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Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.



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