Trust Services Principles - AICPA SOC 2 - Capturing configured illustrative criteria to audit once and comply many

Cavirin’s ARAP™ solution automatically checks system configuration settings across all target environments, reporting against expected system based SOC 2 Illustrative criteria.

Customers demand evidence of reliable controls before placing their trust and dependency on service organizations. One of the most widely accepted ways to earn trust is the AICPA SOC 2 type II report, aka, the TSP 100. Trust Services Principles (TSP) are a professional attestation containing essential criteria based information for assessing controls. When engaged in reporting, however, determination of suitable and continuous evidence is time consuming and sometimes impossible. Beyond the cost of third party advisory services, the disruption that SOC 2 engagement can heap across your organization is both substantial and avoida.

Cavirin Security and Compliance offers system based controls mapping to align enterprise technology to the criteria of the TSP 100, making failure and success in IT controls continuously available to this reporting process.

Carvirin ARAP

Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.



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