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Press Release

Cavirin Connect Enables Resellers, System Integrators, and Managed Service Providers to Address Customer’s Critical Security Issues

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  May 22, 2018 –Cavirin Systems, Inc., the only company providing cybersecurity risk and compliance posture for the enterprise hybrid cloud, today announced the launch of its new Cavirin Connect Partner Program designed to accelerate global growth. The new program empowers resellers, integrators, and MSSPs to offer the Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence solution to customers worldwide, addressing the ever-increasing cyber-attacks organizations face on a daily basis. The inaugural members of the Cavirin Connect Partner Program include Astadia in the UK, Bodega Technologies, InterVision, Lite Distribution in Australia, Logicworks, Scalar in Canada, Titans Security in Israel, Veristor and others.

“When migrating to the cloud, security and visibility are two key concerns for C-level executives,” said Tom Hance, VP of Worldwide Sales, Cavirin. “Many times, these individuals don’t have access to best-in-class solutions.  With the introduction of our Cavirin Connect Partner Program, we are equipping our partners with the necessary technical and business acumen to enable them to deliver cutting-edge cloud security to their customers.” 

 Cavirin removes security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption by automating with the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines available. The company’s solution secures both the public cloud control plane as well as target hybrid cloud workloads (servers), on-premise, within the public cloud, and within containers.  CyberPosture is a consolidated risk score for the hybrid infrastructure, based on configuration checks, vulnerabilities, and risk, security and compliance audit frameworks requirements, permitting the CISO’s team to immediately compare the organization’s current security posture against the desired ‘golden posture’ and immediately take corrective action. 

 The Cavirin Connect Partner Program helps partners up-level their cloud security offerings with a solution that is both easy and cost-effective to deploy.  Key benefits include:

  • A sophisticated partner management platform based on Allbound that enables a 100% deal registration model, insuring the best discount level and assurance that your account is protected
  • Effective and differentiated security services for resellers, system integrators, and managed service providers, further simplifying continuous security and compliance for organizations of all sizes
  • The ability to leverage Cavirin’s RESTful API, allowing partners to easily integrate the Cavirin solution within their existing managed service offerings

Partner Quotes:

Mike Chadwick, CEO of Allbound, said: "I am honored Cavirin selected Allbound to enable the launch of their new channel program. Not only does Cavirin offer an innovative solution for CISOs worldwide, by choosing Allbound, they also demonstrate their commitment to empowering partner success with easy access to high-quality content, seamless deal registration, and collaboration.  Cavirin is a great example to follow on how to launch a modern and powerful channel program; we are excited to innovate with them long into the future."

Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO at Astadia in the UK, said: “Security and compliance are a major concern for our customers, especially those in regulated industries, and those with hybrid environments. By partnering with Cavirin, we are excited to be bringing state of the art solutions for OS Hardening, vulnerability scanning, and compliance auditing for GDPR, PCI, SOX, and HIPAA to our customers. In addition, Astadia is building Cavirin’s security automation into our unique DevSecOps solutions to give our clients piece of mind that security is embedded in every piece of code that runs through our pipelines.”

Chris Kirscheke, Owner and Managing Director at Bodega Technologies, said: “At Bodega Tech, we’re excited to partner with Cavirin, as more and more customers are looking to de-risk their move to the public cloud, while still maintaining their existing private data centers. Cavirin helps provide us with the rock-solid security platform needed to complement our Cloud and DevOps solutions, all in one comprehensive platform.”

Paul Clement, Director Automation Services at InterVision, said: “InterVision is very excited about Cavirin’s real-time auditing capabilities. Their technology allows us to identifying compliance issues related to micro-services and the cloud. This has allowed our security engineers to remediate these issues and ensure ongoing compliance after our engagements.” 

Chris Johnston, Director at Lite Distribution in Australia, said: “In the first month of Lite Distribution introducing Cavirin to our partners we have received multiple requests for product information and demonstration. Such is the interest we have major SI partners already scheduled in for online meetings and technical overviews with Cavirin’s US team.”

Sachin Bansal, Head of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Logicworks, said: "For companies in highly-regulated industries, complex compliance requirements can slow down widespread public cloud adoption. Logicworks and Cavirin have independently helped hundreds of companies overcome compliance roadblocks -- and so together, we can offer comprehensive software and services to prepare customers for compliance on the cloud. Logicworks' team of compliance experts and Cavirin's tooling bring clarity and transparency to compliance, helping customers derive business value faster from the cloud.

Simon Wong, Security Specialist at Scalar in Canada, said: “Even if a client isn’t multi-cloud or hybrid cloud today, the value of investing in a security and compliance tool that can scale to include that scenario is clear. I’ve been impressed by the speed with which Cavirin is able to adopt customized compliance reporting requirements from my clients into the service. It is an important part of identifying unintentionally-introduced application vulnerabilities, sometimes a result of continuous integration/deployment practices that haven’t been built with security at the forefront.”

Danny Abramovich, CEO at Titans Security in Israel, said “As one of Cavirin’s early partners, Titans Security in Israel recognized the need for Cavirin’s security and compliance offering for hybrid environments early on. With existing private data centers still in place along with the rapid adoption of AWS as well other public cloud providers in Israel, having the ability to help our customers automate their security and compliance initiatives such as GDPR across their hybrid environments was paramount.”

Bryan Copeland, Security Market Specialist at Veristor, said: "At Veristor we are seeing more customers/prospects morphing into hybrid cloud environments. Along with that movement, more customers/prospects that we talk to are adopting frameworks like NIST or CIS 20. We truly see how Cavirin can bring immediate value providing continuous risk assessments and framework benchmarking along with a remediation plan to make gains on risk posture."

More information on Cavirin Connect is available here.


PR Contact:

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Lumina Communications for Cavirin
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Study finds organizations are concerned with visibility and the ability to manage risk and security with hybrid cloud accounts and workloads

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  April 10, 2018 –Cavirin Systems, Inc., the only company providing cybersecurity risk posture and compliance for the enterprise hybrid cloud today announced the availability of Cavirin Hybrid Cloud CyberPosture Intelligence. CyberPosture intelligence is the ability to deliver risk, cybersecurity and compliance management by providing visibility and actionable intelligence to the CISO and other stakeholders across hybrid environments.  The Cavirin platform delivers this through real-time visibility, predictive analytics, and intelligent remediation through DevSecOps integrations.

In a new study of 250 hybrid cloud security leaders, “Cyber Security Posture: The Challenges and Strategies of Hybrid Cloud”, the two top concerns identified were verification that public cloud accounts are secure (69%) and confirmation that workloads in the cloud are secure as well (69%).  This lends credence to the reality that both account and workload security are critical.

However, security is still a key issue and barrier to adopting a hybrid cloud architecture, with specific concerns including increased complexity (55%), a lack of visibility into cloud endpoints (32%), difficulty instituting security controls (37%), and a clear need for more assessment tools (29%).  Additional noteworthy findings are listed below.

“Though our research shows that over 81% of enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud approach, only 30% are using unified security tools that span on-premise and the cloud,” stated Doug Cahill, ESG’s lead cybersecurity and cloud analyst, quoting related research by ESG on hybrid cloud security.  “The fact that this will grow to 70% over the next two years speaks well of Cavirin’s hybrid cloud approach, helping address a key barrier to hybrid cloud adoption – security and visibility.”

Traditional solutions provide siloed, delayed visibility, and require manual security remediation and testing which is not well suited for the flexibility and velocity that the hybrid cloud model offers. Cavirin’s CyberPosture Intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud eliminates these limitations and removes the barrier to the cloud with:

  • Continuous Risk & Cybersecurity Posture Management - A central ‘CISO Dashboard’ depicts exactly what organizations have at each moment and where they are located. This includes cloud account security posture, as well as virtual machines and container instances.
  • Integrating Security into DevOps - Bridges the gap between DevOps and SecOps by automatically injecting security into the DevOps cycle – development, staging, and deployment -  through CI/CD integration. 
  • Continuous Compliance Management - Removes security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption through automation and customization via the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks and guidelines.

 Supporting Customer Quotes:

“We choose Cavirin because it is the only product in the industry that can effectively inspect and report on non-compliance issues against a wide range of security frameworks and regulatory standards in both cloud workloads and AWS security,” said Kin Kwan, Security Officer, Telus Health. 

“Our deployments across AWS and GCP are a good match for the hybrid cloud capabilities of the Cavirin platform,” said Peter Bierfeldt, Chief Information Security Officer, Reltio. “Their support for frameworks and regulations including ISO and SOC2 will help us maintain continuous compliance across our cloud deployments.”

“Cavirin’s support for Azure will permit us to address both aspects of cloud security – the security posture of the cloud itself, as well as the individual workloads,” said Ray Espinoza, VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Atmosera. “Their vision of a CISO dashboard extending across the hybrid infrastructure is where we see the market going, and will help us deliver a more comprehensive and competitive service.”

“Given the sensitive nature of HLI’s data, we deploy the Cavirin platform as it helps ensure continuous compliance with government regulations,” said Ernesto Ruy Sanchez. DevOps Manager, Human Longevity, Inc.

 “Cavirin’s ability for real-time visibility across the infrastructure permits organizations to accurately assess risk, security posture, then automatically remediate,” said Jack Kudale, COO, Cavirin. “This is the first platform available for organizations to easily migrate and achieve continuous security and compliance of their hybrid cloud deployments, knowing they are safe and secure.”

New Technical Capabilities include:

  • “Golden Posture” and ‘Top 25’ recommendations for guided remediation.
  • Container runtime monitoring delivering on Cavirin’s ‘full-stack’ container security that already includes image scanning, CIS container and Kubernetes hardening, and guest OS hardening.
  • Custom policy creation and compensating controls based on a Cavirin Domain Specific Language
  • Availability of the new, Cavirin-authored CIS Azure Foundation Benchmark.

 Some additional noteworthy survey findings include:

  • 62% use separate tools to secure their on-premise and cloud environments, and less than half of respondents currently use a security solution spanning on-premise and cloud. A concerning finding was that 40% of respondents only use the tools provided by the cloud provider, which are considered by most to be incomplete.
  • 50% have deployed on Azure as part of a hybrid cloud strategy, demonstrating the strong momentum it’s experiencing as an equal to AWS in services offered, as well as traction within Microsoft’s account base.
  • When asked about the security technology they currently use, the survey found strong uptake of Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (48%), Cloud Access Security Brokers (37%), and Security Information and Event Management (39%).
  • 39% of respondents cited that DevOps and development teams care greatly about their cybersecurity posture, showing that the silo between security/IT and development teams is diminishing.

The full Cavirin survey results along with an infographic summarizing ESG’s observations are available here.

Cavirin is offering demonstrations of its hybrid cloud security capabilities as well as a preview of its new user experience at RSA 2018, April 16-20, Booth # N4439.


New Status Underscores Cavirin’s Expertise and Value Add in Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Environments

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  April 3, 2018 – Cavirin Systems, Inc., the only company providing cybersecurity risk posture and compliance for the enterprise hybrid cloud, today announced it has earned Co-Sell Ready Status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program. Cavirin is now among a select group of global independent software vendors to obtain Co-Sell Ready status from Microsoft, assuring that Cavirin will help organizations safely accelerate their Microsoft Azure migrations and, once in the cloud, optimize their experience. Cavirin will collaborate with Microsoft field sales teams worldwide on targeted customer opportunities and related account planning activities.

Organizations migrating to the cloud need to ensure that their critical workloads are secure, and if regulated, in continuous compliance.  Cavirin’s deep discovery and assessment of workloads against the likes of PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR help ensure this.  In addition, cloud account security is also paramount, and the company has taken a leadership role in developing the new CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark as well as those for containers.  Cavirin’s ‘CISO Dashboard’ offers a view across an enterprise’s hybrid architecture, offering intelligence and actionable data.

The Microsoft Azure Co-Sell Ready program, initiated in 2016, provides comprehensive sales and marketing support for select partners. The program aligns Microsoft’s large, global salesforce behind partners like Cavirin to help Azure partners drive new business. To be eligible, businesses must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance commitment, and pass technology and sales assessments.

Cheryl Miller, General Manager, Worldwide One Commercial Partner Go-to-Market at Microsoft Corp. added, “Microsoft’s sales and marketing investment in the Co-Sell Ready program demonstrates our commitment to supporting partners’ go-to-market efforts and success. We are happy to welcome our new ISV partners, and to leverage Microsoft programs and tools to help our joint customers accelerate their migration to, and optimize their deployment of, Microsoft Azure.”

 “Microsoft Azure is a trusted partner for enterprises, and we are thrilled to align Cavirin’s go-to-market with Microsoft through our new Co-Sell Ready status.  Cavirin is helping organizations safely accelerate and optimize their Azure public cloud migrations, while ensuring continuous compliance with the likes of PCI, HIPAA, and most notably this season, GDPR,” said Anupam Sahai, VP Business Development, Cavirin.

Cavirin is offering demonstrations of its hybrid cloud security capabilities as well as a preview of its new user experience at RSA 2018, April 16-20, Booth # 4439.   The company will also be participating in the upcoming Microsoft Inspire conference July 18-19 in Las Vegas.

For further information about Cavirin Hybrid Cloud Security and Microsoft Azure, please visit our website.


The company welcomes Industry Veteran Tom Hance as VP of Worldwide Sales and Enterprise Security Leader Mukul Kumar as VP of Cyber Practice

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  April 5, 2018 –Cavirin Systems, Inc., the only company providing cybersecurity risk posture and compliance for the enterprise hybrid cloud, today announced the expansion of its executive leadership team by appointing Tom Hance as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, and Mukul Kumar as Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President of Cyber Practice. These experienced executives in the enterprise security space will help ramp the company’s growth in both product development and enterprise adoption.

As vice president of worldwide sales, Tom leads Cavirin’s overall enterprise, commercial and channel strategy. Tom has more than 20 years of experience building innovative, industry-leading technology companies and has held executive positions at notable companies including Dome9, Sophos, Fortinet, NetScreen, and Juniper. Prior to Cavirin, Tom served as vice president of sales at Nyotron, Inc. and previously founded and served as the CEO of GovAssure, a federally focused network security systems integration company.

“I'm extremely pleased to be leading the team at Cavirin delivering the world's first full-spectrum security platform for hybrid environments. For too long, enterprises have tried to integrate multiple point tools to cover complex hybrid networks,” said Tom Hance. “Cavirin provides a single platform that provides automated actionable intelligence to the CISO, delivering instant security defensive posture and regulatory compliance scores.”

Mukul Kumar will be joining the Cavirin team with 18 years of IT and security experience, including his previous role as CISO and VP of Cyber Practice at Balbix. Prior to this position, Kumar served as the Chief Security Officer at Altera, now part of Intel, where he was responsible for leading the cybersecurity team, working directly with both technical and non-technical compliance professionals to transform their security program and enterprise security architecture.

“The cloud will increasingly be the default option for software and infrastructure deployments,” said Mukul Kumar. “Cavirin’s predictive security and compliance capabilities for the hybrid cloud will help organizations to reflect security challenges without limiting innovation.”

“Cavirin is excited to welcome both Tom and Mukul to our executive team,” said Jack Kudale, Chief Operating Officer, Cavirin. “The company is in a period of rapid growth, and these key hires will poise us for success with the right leadership team in place to address the security of the hybrid cloud.”


Hybrid Cloud Visionary to Drive Visualization and Machine Learning Initiatives

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  Feb 27, 2018 - Cavirin Systems, Inc., provider of comprehensive cybersecurity, risk management, and DevSecOps automation solutions for hybrid cloud, today announced the appointment of Brajesh Goyal (BG) as Vice President of Engineering. BG will leverage his decades of technology experience to lead Cavirin’s technical execution in delivering continuous hybrid cloud security to customers. Previously, BG was the Founder & CEO of ITAPP, a cloud management company that was purchased by ServiceNow in 2016. Prior to that, BG was at Oracle where he defined the term ‘enterprise grid computing,’ an early name for the cloud, and continued to lead initiatives in this space at NetApp.

 "Cavirin has built a compelling product offering for continuous security and risk assessment to address customers’ critical security concerns as they significantly grow their hybrid cloud footprint,” said Brajesh Goyal, Vice President of Engineering, Cavirin Systems.  “I’m excited to join Cavirin in leading their technical execution as we scale the business to the next level."

 “BG combines visionary product engineering and technology expertise with an intense customer and execution focus,” said Dr. Rao Papolu, Chief Executive Officer, Cavirin.  “His passion and drive will enable Cavirin engineering to rise to the next level of execution, permitting us to deliver on our vision of continuous hybrid cloud security.”

 Cavirin is exhibiting at this week’s Container World Expo in Santa Clara, February 27th and 28th. Please visit us at Booth #18 and learn more about our real-time security and risk management platform for the hybrid cloud.  The company will also be hosting a webinar on March 7th featuring Byron Acohido, Pulitzer Prize winner and Executive Editor of about cyber security threats looming in 2018. Please register for ‘2018 Cyber Threats are Looming – Leverage NIST CSF’ here.


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