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The Container Ecoystem

The Container Ecosystem eGuide

Why Full Stack Container Security Makes Sense

At Cavirin, borrowing a term from software development, we call our approach ‘full-stack’ container security. This implies that you need to look at all layers of the container environment (cloud, virtualization, operating system, container runtime, and orchestration), taking both a vertical and horizontal security approach. However, containers can’t be secured in isolation. The overall security posture of the hybrid cloud is critical, and this includes both the workloads as well as the cloud account and services. Get all the details in this newest eGuide on why Full Stack Container Security makes sense, especially for DevOps security (aka, DevSecOps).

In this eGuide you will learn:

  • The common building blocks that makeup containers
  • How containers are evolving and the security required to keep up
  • Docker security concerns
  • Docker image security
  • Container and hybrid cloud challenges
  • Understanding full stack container security
  • An example of full stack container security (Jenkins script)

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