Protect - Monitor - Respond

A Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed for you to gain complete visibility and control
into your hybrid infrastructure workloads, on-premise or across multiple cloud service providers.
Dedicated, zero-footprint Cavirin instances offer unsurpassed scale, security, and control.

Step 1 

1.  Select the expected size of your infrastructure - the number of target instances (virtual machines or Docker instances).  This may be specified as a range.
2.  Select your industry or the set of frameworks and guidelines you require.  If you have target instances in the cloud, be sure to select Cloud Security as well.
3.  Select the environment for your target instances, either on-premise, AWS, Azure, GCP, or any combination.
3.  Select the number of daily assessments across your target instances.  Although the platform is continuous, the assessment rate will impact the type of EC2 resource provisioned.

Step 2 
You will be presented with details regarding the provisioned Cavirin Platform, as well as an entry for your corporate contact information and then a link to the billing portal.  The email you enter will be the one that receives the SaaS provisioning data.  

Step 3 
In a few minutes, your dedicated Cavirin instance will be provisioned, and you will receive an email with login credentials.  Login, and continue configuration as if you had an on-premise deployment.  Cavirin SaaS provisioning also pre-configures your Cavirin security group, but you may override this.  Next time you access the SaaS portal, go directly to 'Login.'

Hybrid Security

Protect your virtual or Docker instances not only in the cloud, but on-premise as well.  Deep discovery assesses the security posture of your infrastructure, and offers remediation guidance.

Continuous Cloud Compliance

Secure not only your cloud accounts, but also all target workloads.  Assess and remediate agains the broadest set of frameworks (NIST, DISA, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, and Docker), and guidelines (SOC, ISO, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA) available today.

Licensing Flexibility

Usage based, pay-as-you-go pricing, provides a convenient mechanism for you to roll out the security solution on a timetable and cost of your choice.

API-First Architecture

Get input from and send outputs to your access management, identity management, vulnerability assessment, logging & notification security tools for a correlated risk score hence predictive analytics.

Continuous Monitoring

Leverage AWS CloudTrail to receive real-time alerts of events that may compromise your security posture.


Achieve continuous container (Docker/Kubernetes) security in the CI/CD pipeline by introducing it at the build phase and ensuring automated security throughout the container lifecycle.

Secure & Scalable

Get up and running quickly, with Cavirin C2, and start collecting diverse security information that shows actionable items to benefit your organization's security posture. Ultimately, painful annual and quarterly audit sprints become a thing of the past as continuous monitoring, automated assessments, and on-demand, audit-ready reports enable security to become a continuous process.  


Cavirin receives 5 Star Rating & is this month’s Recommended Product for hybrid workload security

SC Magazine, November 2017

Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.