continuous security assessment and remediation as a SaaS offering

Providing companies a way to get up and running quickly taking advantage of security assessment and remediation while reducing their upfront security expenses.

the struggle

Companies that fully embrace the cloud are looking for a cloud-native solution to de-rlsk their cloud migrations.  Or, they are continuing to run their on-premise data center but to not want to invest in and deploy software that is non-core to their business.  In either case, this solution is continuous security assessment and remediation as a SaaS offering.

the solution

Cavirin’s SaaS offering aligns with the OpEx-driven services model that more and more enterprises are embracing as they migrate workloads to the cloud.  This is critical for effective budget management.  Although there is of course still a place for on-premise deployments and customer-managed deployments within their cloud instances, in many cases they only wish to maintain their core services.  Anything else should be consumed on-demand, and as their workloads are created and destroyed, they don’t want to have to do the same for their security tools.  The security vendor should provide this as a service, with automatic scaling and avoiding the enterprise having to manually configure the solution.

Cavirin offers security assessment and remediation as SaaS, initially running on AWS but capable of managing workloads across any of the major cloud service providers. It can also assess on-premise servers, an ideal solution for hybrid clouds, and supports container environments as well.  It securely connects to your workloads, offering the same capabilities as an on-premise or VPC-based deployment.

Based on a micro-services architecture, Cavirin’s SaaS offering is both secure and scalable.  We’ve built a true next-generation cloud-native solution that is an order of magnitude more scalable than the competition, and the platform interfaces to cloud automated security capabilities.

SaaS for Assessment and Remediation

outstanding features

A purpose-built, agentless and ‘touchless’ solution that deploys quickly on-premise, cloud, and within containerized infrastructures.
Cloud-agnostic security with integrations for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.  As well as Private cloud support for VMware and KVM.
A scale-out architecture guarantees linear analysis performance independent of deployment size.
Customizable policy framework providing flexibility for the enterprise to craft their own combinations of benchmarks as well as setting appropriate risk levels.
API-first architecture that interworks with other security and automation solutions supporting areas as diverse as vulnerability management, threat intelligence, remediation workflow automation and DevOps automation.
Pre-loaded CIS Benchmarks and compliance regulation standards of 150 thousand tests, with single touch remediation and orchestration, to ensure security management and reduce the threat of a breach.
Supports the CIS Docker v1.13.0 Benchmark, providing prescriptive guidance for establishing a secure configuration posture for Docker containers.

Nemi George, Pacific Dental on Cavirin

“Unlike other vendors with the Cavirin Security Compliance Platform you get the blueprints from various standards, so I can look at a portion of my network and see whether I’m HIPAA compliant or not. Rather than just general security best practice compliance that a lot of the other tools give me."
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Securing Your Hybrid Cloud eBook

All you need to know about Securing Hybrid Workloads in one eBook.  This eBook looks at how building a  Continuous Security Architecture can improve an organization's security posture; reducing  the potential threat of breaches by providing one view, with remediation, across physical, public, and hybrid clouds.
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Cloud Security - Are Your Assets Protected?

According to Amazon, Google and Microsoft (today's key providers of public cloud platforms) it is their responsibility to manage the security of the cloud; security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Check out Cavirin's Latest Whitepaper to prepare yourself to take on this responsibolity.

Developed specifically for enterprise Cloud and Container environments

Google Cloud Platform
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Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.



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