Google Cloud Platform Security

Cavirin's platform helps strengthen your GCP security. Its API integration with the Google Cloud Platform enables continuous monitoring and remediation in support of risk and GCP compliance initiatives. GCP Docker and Kubnernetes support provides container security as well.

Google Cloud Platform Security Partner
Google Cloud Platform Security

Cavirin offers continuous security across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the availability of asset discovery and various hardening and regulatory compliance standards.  This capability combined with the Docker and Kubernetes benchmarks, as well as Docker Image Scanning, ensures that your containerized workloads in the GCP environments are protected as well. The forthcoming CIS Security Benchmarks for GCP will ensure the security of GCP cloud elements such as storage encryption and adequate IAM controls.

Cavirin, a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner, is collaborating with Google in the development of the CIS security benchmarks specific to GCP.

Google Cloud Security – Only A Few Clicks Away With Cavirin

We, at Cavirin, look at cloud security through a single prism: regardless of what cloud an enterprise may adopt, cloud security assessment/monitoring must be simple, canonical and consistent across the clouds.

Within Cavirin’s cloud security products the security orchestration is straight forward: with a few mouse clicks from our Control Plane User interface (or with the invocation of a few REST APIs, if you are a DevOps or SecOps professional), you can discover your GCP infrastructure assets, identify the resources with comprehensive details, assess & harden the resources against security benchmarks (CIS & DISA), and do this automatically and continuously.

google cloud platform (GCP) Collaboration

Pravin Goyal, Director of Information and Security at Cavirin, discusses how Cavirin is collaborating with Google on two major projects:
  1. Security Benchmarks for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - working with Google to come up with the foundational security elements that any enterprise investing in GCP will need to check against for a more complete security posture.
  2. Kubernetes Benchmarks - worked with Google and the Open Source community to come up with a set of security benchmarks to cover the entire Kubernetes (Orchestration Platform) for Google services.

Developed specifically for enterprise cloud and container environments

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Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.