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Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Continuous Visibility Across Your Hybrid Infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns of multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures is the security gaps caused by disconnected environments. Managing your organizations' vulnerabilities becomes a manual and disjointed process, as you piecemeal together the data from various IT and compliance tools. Cavirin’s centralized solution, easily integrates with your organization’s IT software, allowing you to discover and manage all your resources through a single, unified view that includes machine learning CyberPosture scoring and the ability to drill down to further assess and manage the security risks across all your clouds.

The Challenges

  • A single, unified view of all your cloud assets.
  • Ability to monitor for vulnerabilities and provide prescriptive remediation across your hybrid cloud.
  • Automated risk and security assessment capabilities across your hybrid infrastructure.
  • Visibility into scoring assessing the level of risks within regulatory guidelines.
  • Savvy to automatically keep management abreast of cybersecurity risks.
  • Tools available to help enterprises reach and maintain compliance across a diversified environment.
cybersecurity risk challenges
Believe lack of visibility across all IT asset types constitutes a challenge to their cybersecurity posture (Ponemon Institute)60%
risk and security management

The Solution

  • Complete visibility and management of infrastructure in a single, unified view: cloud, on-premise, containers, and IoT.
  • A unified cybersecurity and risk management solution for the hybrid infrastructure.
  • Estimation of consequences of cyber risks through a closed-loop scoring system that spans your hybrid infrastructure.
  • Security, AI, and machine learning driven analytics drive automation which drives improvement in results with predictions and lower false positives.
  • Intelligent, proactive, and preventative cybersecurity and risk management.
  • An API enabled architecture that seamlessly allows other security tools to integrate into its platform.


Benefits of Cavirin

    • A single, unified view that includes CyberPosture scoring and the ability to drill down to further assess and manage your security risks.
    • Proactive continuous monitoring with complete compliance automation across all your clouds enabling continuous improvement of your security posture.
    • Strong API driven, partner eco-system to integrate into other business-critical applications and platforms automating manual processes.
    • Powerful selection and analysis of workloads spanning on-premise and multiple cloud operators, providing the ability to scale up or down your public cloud usage--on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud--without losing visibility.

Cavirin's clients appreciate the ability to monitor the cybersecurity posture of their entire environment from a single view helping them maintain compliance and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Your CyberPosture Score Whitepaper

Single and accurate view into their cybersecurity posture.

Armed with visibility, Cavirin continuously assesses the security posture of all managed cloud services and workloads to compute a CyberPosture score, a number between 0 and 100. A score of 100 represents the least risk. The cybersecurity posture of an organization refers to its overall cybersecurity strength. This expresses the relative security of your IT estate, particularly as it relates to the internet and its vulnerability to outside threats. This whitepaper dives into why enterprises need a CyberPosture Score. Current approaches to scoring and their requirements. And what a CyberPosture score includes.

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