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Unlike traditional security approaches streamed into the development process, which can be slow and come along too late in the DevOps pipeline stages, the Cavirin DevOps Security workflow automatically brings risk security and compliance into the code, staging, and deployment stages. This increased visibility into the DevOps lifecycle provides increased flexibility. For further coverage, Cavirin’s Jenkins pipeline plugin can be used as a security gate for an image build.

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Top DevSecOps Use Cases

ESG Master Survey Results, Trends in Hybrid Cloud Security, March 2018.
Identifying workload
configuration vulnerabilities before
deployment to production
Identifying software
vulnerabilities before
deployment to production
Applying controls which
can detect anomalous activity
Identifying workload
configurations that are out of
compliance before deployment
to production
Applying preventative
Applying controls which
capture system activity for
incident response
and forensics

Cloud Migration / Multi-Cloud Deployments

Cavirin’s software solution platform removes the regulations and data governance challenges to Cloud adoption through automation and customization via the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines.  A central ‘CISO Dashboard’ depicts exactly what organizations have at each moment, even in a multi-cloud deployment, providing an interconnected defensive security posture score with remediation guidance across a hybrid infrastructure. This includes cloud account security posture, as well as virtual machines and container instances.  

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Enterprises that have a multi-cloud strategy in place (2018 State of the Cloud Report, RightScale)81%

Risk and Security Management

C-level executives are primarily concerned about security and visibility when migrating to the cloud—this apprehension is heightened within a hybrid environment.  It’s critical to identify weak links in the organization’s infrastructure and what impact that will have on your business.  Cavirin provides an agentless approach to discover, assess, and help remediate both your cloud accounts (AWS, Azure, and GCP) and workloads (on-premise, cloud, and container) so that you can stay on top of any risk related issues that are discovered.

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Organizations concerned about cloud security91%

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