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Cloud Migration / Multi-Cloud

Secure Cloud Migration and Multi-Cloud Adoption 

cloud migration challenges

The Challenges

  • Concerns about compliance and risk posture post cloud migration or adopting multiple public clouds.
  • Lack of visibility into what’s going on across the hybrid enterprise.
  • Integration into your current IT environment.
  • Investment in traditional perimeter-based security tools, that do nothing to protect hybrid cloud workloads.
  • Management of multiple sets of security tools, each looking at a different part of your infrastructure or cloud provider, providing conflicting guidance.
  • A full understanding of "each" cloud provider's Shared Responsibility Model. 

The Requirements

  • Automated risk and compliance requirements as well as legacy mitigation controls.
  • Instant risk-based visibility across the hybrid infrastructure with actionable guidance.
  • Hardening of the OS to ensure that the enterprise follows the configuration guidance as outlined in the relevant industry and CSP benchmarks.
  • Understanding of "each" Shared Responsibility Model.
  • A solution that meets cloud(s), on-premise, and container security requirements.
  • A consistent defensive security posture scoring system spreading across multiple clouds.


cloud migration best practices
cloud migration

The Solution

  • A solution that automatically discovers and assess your hybrid cloud environment with no agents and no software to install on endpoints.
  • Continuous monitoring of security baseline against frameworks and best practices that include PCI, HIPAA, NIST, AWS hardening, as well as Patches and Vulnerabilities.
  • API-first architecture seamlessly integrates with other on-premise applications as well as SaaS and cloud services.
  • Continuous visibility and notifications to keep you updated on any changes in your security posture score so you can immediately take corrective action.
  • Single unified view of a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Wizard-based discovery, assessment, and remediation.


The Benefits

  • Removes security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption through automation and customization via the broadest set of customizable frameworks, benchmarks, and guidelines.
  • A central ‘CISO Dashboard’ depicts exactly what organizations have at each moment and where they are located. This includes their multi-cloud account security posture, as well as virtual machines and container instances.
  • Immediately detect and correct configuration drift from your baseline security posture. The ability to deploy your apps and services more quickly with confidence.
  • Secure agentless cloud migration with multi-cloud deployments. 


cloud migration Benefits
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The shared responsibility model is different for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and within each, the choice of provider-based services vs those offered by 3rd parties can seem confusing. And, understanding what exactly the different layers of the model entail many times takes an equal analysis of the specific service in question. Given that organizations are migrating to the cloud and adopting a multi and hybrid cloud approach, the IT team must take into account the different services and monitoring interfaces across the different providers, and plan accordingly. Correlating data across multiple clouds, and introducing containers, yet adds another layer of complexity.

This eGuide provides you best practices for cloud account and workload visibility and security for the hybrid cloud, starting with but going beyond the shared responsibility model.


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