Weather the Security Storm

Are you equipped to weather the security storm that's targeting your hybrid workloads?

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As we enter the tornado and hurricane season, are you equipped to weather the security storm?  Does your platform not only warn you of the coming tempest, but protect you as well?  Or, do you have multiple solutions, some telling you to close the windows, and others telling you to open them?  One telling you that the storm is an hour away, and another telling you not to worry?  

You need a consistent, end-to-end view for protection, on-premise, in the cloud, and for your container workloads as well.  What you don't want to have happen is to be the source of one of the 2.8 billion customer records expected to be exposed this year!

Cavirin offers comprehensive preventive security through continuous configuration analysis and vulnerability visibility across hybrid clouds. It allows CISOs and their SecOps teams to maintain constant vigilance over their workloads by automating assessment and providing single-touch remediation and orchestration.

One View End-to-End

Cavirin intuitive workflow minimizes training cost and chance for error

Real-Time Risk Scoring and Remediation

Immediately address risks and see improvement in security posture

Cavirin's Security Risk Score is a single 0-100 numeric representation calculated from the conformity risk testing of individual servers, instances, containers, applications, or your entire hybrid environment's configuration and operational details as compared to one or more control requirements.  Control requirements can include corporate policies and best practice frameworks as well as regulatory policies and compliance mandates.  

Once your Security Risk Score is calculated you can drill in to see what policies you passed, failed or are not applicable; the severity of each policy and the remedition action required to reach compliancy for each policy.  

These images show the MongoDB score before assessment and then after remediation (it includes the percentage the score changed since the last time tested). Contact us, if you would like to see how your workloads score.

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Nemi George, Pacific Dental on Cavirin

“Unlike other vendors with the Cavirin Security Compliance Platform you get the blueprints from various standards, so I can look at a portion of my network and see whether I’m HIPAA compliant or not. Rather than just general security best practice compliance that a lot of the other tools give me."
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If you have just started, or you have already implemented, the cloud and/or containers into your infrastructure, Cavirin's Resources can help you learn how to secure your hybrid environment.  Digital assets include: Case Studies, Solution Guides, Datasheets, Demos, Webinars, Videos and Whitepapers.

Cloud Security - Are Your Assets Protected?

According to Amazon, Google and Microsoft (today's key providers of public cloud platforms) it is their responsibility to manage the security of the cloud; security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Check out Cavirin's Latest Whitepaper to prepare yourself to take on this responsibolity.

Cavirin provides security management across physical, public, and hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, KVM, and Docker.