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Why Cavirin

Identify, Monitor, Respond, Predict, Protect

Cavirin provides overall visibility, securing both workloads and cloud services, across any infrastructure, anywhere. This continuous protection, monitoring, and remediation, across your entire infrastructure, automates compliance and secures your organization from possible cyber attacks so you can comfortably move workloads to the cloud. Further, our patent-pending machine learning, powering Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence, provides you the most accurate credit-like scoring view of your cybersecurity posture so you can make informative decisions to protect your organization.

The Cavirin solution delivers the broadest horizontal coverage in the industry, deployable on-premise, within AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, and will shortly be available as a SaaS offering. Our up-to-the-minute compliance and risk analysis supplies audit-ready evidence to comply with every major regulatory and security best practice framework and guidelines (including CIS, NIST, DISA, GDPR, SOC, PCI, and HIPAA). Plus, our customizable policy framework provides flexibility for enterprises so you can craft your own combinations of benchmarks and set risk levels, to accommodate your compliance and security requirements.
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Compliance Automation

Cloud deployments move too quickly to rely on manual processes for compliance assessments. Cavirin automates these processes, across complex hybrid infrastructures and against the broadest set of frameworks (NIST, DISA, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, and Docker), and guidelines (SOC, ISO, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA). By automating compliance, organizations are increasing their operational efficiency and saving hundreds of man-hours previously dedicated to manual processes.  

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Managing your organization's hybrid cloud vulnerabilities can be a manual and disjointed process, as you piecemeal together the data from various IT and compliance tools. Cavirin’s centralized solution, easily integrates with your organization’s IT software, allowing you to discover and manage all your resources through a single, unified view that includes machine learning CyberPosture scoring and the ability to drill down to further assess and manage the security risks across all your clouds.

Secure Cloud Migration

Data security, compliance, and cloud-provider lock-in are why companies hesitate to move to the cloud. Cavirin not only addresses the requirements in the shared responsibility model but augments the security capabilities provided by the top public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure). We continually assess and monitor your critical workloads and cloud services, informing you of any gaps in your cybersecurity posture so you may take immediate remediation action.

Real Value Through Product Capabilities

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Continuous Visibility

Insight into the most complex hybrid infrastructures through a single, unified view that includes CyberPosture scoring and the ability to drill down to further assess and manage the risk coming from asset groups, individual resources and policy control families and operating systems.

CyberPosture Scoring

Continually assessing the security posture of all managed cloud services and workloads to compute a number between 0 and 100, facilitating prioritized response plans, so you can make informative decisions when protecting your organization against cyber threats.

Hybrid Cloud Security - Flexibility
hybrid cloud closed-loop security

Closed-Loop Security

Provides auto-remediation, leveraging cloud functions and Ansible, closing the gap between monitoring and change management, permitting quicker resolution of security gaps.

Reduce Attack Surface

Mitigate risk across AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and container deployments through a platform that spans the hybrid cloud to limit the exposure of software vulnerabilities.

hybrid cloud reduce attack surface
Deep discovery in hybrid cloud infrastructure

Deep Discovery

Automate compliance using the broadest set of frameworks (NIST, DISA, etc.), benchmarks (CIS OS, cloud, and Docker), and guidelines (SOC, ISO, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA) across OSs and networks.

Fast & Easy Deployment

Deploy on-premise, SaaS, or within the cloud. A powerful ‘hybrid-group’ function allows selection and analysis of workloads spanning on-premise and multiple cloud operators, creating a true end-to-end, unified view of the security posture with first assessments in under an hour.

hybrid cloud security - easy to deploy
predictive analytics in a hybrid cloud infrastructure

Wizard-based OS Hardening

A differentiator of the Cavirin platform is a wizard-based approach to OS hardening, shortening the time and effort required to connect to existing systems, making servers stronger and more resistant to security issues and attacks.


To complement existing business and cybersecurity operations by adopting policy frameworks and cloud services assessment to an organization’s requirements, via a powerful scripting language to author organization-specific controls.  

hybrid cloud security - easy to deploy
Security platform with open APIs

A DevOps-friendly API-first Architecture

Cavirin's CyberPosture Intelligence facilitates interfacing to third-party platforms, such as access management, identity management, vulnerability assessment, logging, notification, and others. Pre-built integrations include Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Jira, and the Google Cloud Security Command Center streamlining security processes.

Your CyberPosture Score Whitepaper

Single and accurate view into their cybersecurity posture.

Armed with visibility, Cavirin continuously assesses the security posture of all managed cloud services and workloads to compute a CyberPosture score, a number between 0 and 100. A score of 100 represents the least risk. The cybersecurity posture of an organization refers to its overall cybersecurity strength. This expresses the relative security of your IT estate, particularly as it relates to the internet and its vulnerability to outside threats. This whitepaper dives into why enterprises need a CyberPosture Score. Current approaches to scoring and their requirements. And what a CyberPosture score includes.

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Cavirin's CyberPosture Intelligence employs a pragmatic methodology to automate a workload-centric approach for the hybrid cloud.

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