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AWS Security

AWS security comp

AWS Advanced Technology Partner with Security Competency

Cavirin AWS integration addresses the security requirements outlined in their shared responsibility model. The Cavirin solution takes a holistic view of your AWS/hybrid-cloud environment--integrating into the AWS CloudTrail and AWS Inspector for continuous monitoring and vulnerability management.  The solution supports regulatory guidelines, including AWS PCI Quickstart (DSS 3.2), for continuous compliance.

Highlights Include:

    • Automatically discover and assess your Amazon/hybrid environment with no agents and no software to install on endpoints.
    • A simple, single, and accurate view into their cybersecurity posture, spanning your entire hybrid infrastructure, allowing you to easily identify and fix infrastructure risks and security gaps.
    • API-first architecture seamlessly integrates with other on-premise applications as well as SaaS and AWS services.
    • For compute instances in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or on-premise environments, Cavirin monitors operating level configuration parameters for drift compared to a golden state defined for a group of machines. Cavirin automatically creates the list of drifting machines as well as a list of configuration settings that require remediation in Ansible's format.  
    • Auto-remediation via AWS Lambda functions.

2019 AWS Cloud Security Report 

Hot off the press

This new report produced by in partnership with the 400,000 member Cybersecurity Insiders community of IT security professionals to explore how AWS user organizations are responding to security threats in the cloud, and what tools and best practices IT cybersecurity leaders are prioritizing in their move to the cloud. We hope you will enjoy the report.

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Configuration & Vulnerability Analysis

We build upon AWS security best practices helping you inspect your application deployments for security risks and vulnerabilities while providing priorities and advice to assist with remediation in your hybrid environment, both AWS as well as on-premise and containers.  Find us on the AWS Marketplace.

Cybersecurity Posture Management for AWS

Closed-loop security provides users with the most accurate credit-like scoring view of their security posture

The CyberPosture score immediately alerts SecOps of top security issues that require attention due to the addition of new resources or configuration changes. A list of prioritized issues facilitates AWS Lambda Functions auto-remediation to bring the score back to the organization’s ‘golden posture’. CISOs can continually assess risk trends across their AWS or hybrid infrastructure, while Chief Compliance or Risk Officers can ensure audit-readiness.

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AWS Security is a Shared Responsibility – Cavirin Has You Covered

Cavirin is honored to be an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner for Security Competence. We understand that while AWS manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the enterprise. We are here to help in providing you real-time visibility and remediation answers into your environment. Check out our latest eGuide, that highlights the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, to see how Cavirin is taking on that Shared Responsibility, so your team can focus on keeping your company successful.


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Where Cavirin Fits In

Cavirin's CyberPosture Intelligence Platform was built to assist enterprises in addressing the shared responsibility of security in the cloud. Rich framework support includes AWS Hardening and the AWS Three-Tier Web Benchmark. Integration with AWS Inspector and AWS CloudTrail enables continuous AWS security monitoring. Enterprises in regulated verticals are supported through frameworks including the AWS PCI DSS Quickstart (3.2). Together, these capabilities reduce costs and time for your IT and DevOps security staff and provide insight into getting and maintaining your CyberSecurity posture.

Shared Responsibility Model - Where Cavirin Fits In

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