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3 Key Ingredients to DevSecOps

Cloud DevSecOps

Devops Security Automation plays a key role in DevSecOps

Check out the executive viewpoint, “It’s Time to Stir Security into the DevOps Mix”, posted on the Security Current Web site earlier this month.  The article highlights the fact that creating secure software and systems has never been more challenging as the number of devices that hook into company data, coupled with increased mobility and a shift to cloud services and storage, has dramatically increased the potential attack surface of most organizations.  These organization changes require the adoption of a new approach–chiefly breaking down barriers, boosting collaboration, and increasing automation works—often referred to as cloud DevSecOps.  In the article, we emphasize three key ingredients necessary to pursue cloud DevSecOps.

1.   Integrate security into DevOps
An environment and mindset that cultivates security awareness made up of cross-functional DevOps/SecOps teams, that are empowered to do everything they need for DevSecOps.  Supported with the right technology tools for an automated DevOps security framework that is reliable, consistent, and fast to reduce human error and increase the rate of software releases with a clear audit trail, allowing for maximum transparency.

2.  Building a secure foundation
In the development of new software, running automated security tasks, at the inception of the cloud DevOps process, mitigates the risk for data breaches. Eliminating vulnerabilities makes you less of a target, putting you ahead of competitors who haven’t taken the same preventative steps.

3.  Boosting security through automation 
Implementation of automation frees employees’ time to apply their expertise in new, different ways. Time is revealing the benefits of true organizational alignment. Collaboration and a culture of awareness allows for integration. Unity and defined common goals should steer a company, creating maximum value. This streamlined approach should include security.

Check out this article along with other great pieces at  For more information on this topic, check out our on-demand webinarAutomating Security into the DevOps Process, featuring expert and writer, Gregory S. Bledsoe (@geek_king on Twitter).


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