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Got CyberPosture?


Today we’re announcing the next phase in Cavirin’s evolution, with an approach and product offerings that will truly provide organizations with the visibility and control they require across their hybrid infrastructures, an approach that provides the CISO with actionable insights to minimize the attack surface while meeting the reporting requirements of his or her board.  We call this ‘CyberPosture Intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud.”  Read on!

The hybrid cloud is real, and in fact, 81% of enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud architecture, spanning on-premise and one or more public cloud providers.  And this won’t go away anytime soon, with about 1/3 of workloads remaining on-premise in 2025, sometimes the most critical.  But there is a problem.  A good 77% of IT personnel identify security as still a barrier to adoption, and almost the same number, 75% lack visibility across their hybrid cloud.

So what is CyberPosture, a word that you’ll be seeing more of in the future?  It is verifying that your slice of the public cloud is secure, be it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, or even FaaS.  It is confirming that your workloads (servers) in the cloud are secure as well, be they VMs or containers.  It is ensuring that sensitive data if in the cloud, is secured, being able to pass your periodic security audits, and not only securing your own infrastructure but those of your critical suppliers and partners.  Finally, it is an architecture to help you truly understand the risks and deficiencies that are part of any hybrid cloud infrastructure.  One that permits you to effectively balance your risk tolerance with skills and budgets.

CyberPosture is closely aligned with the rise of DevSecOps, the automation of security within DevOps to ensure a more secure cloud infrastructure and to offer more automated remediation when issues are discovered.  In a break from the past, SecOps will no longer be held as a barrier to agile development.  They will regain their place at the table as an enabler.  Who manages this?  The ‘Cloud Security Architect’ runs point, bringing together skillsets from across the organization in a ‘Cloud Center of Excellence.’ 

How do you achieve CyberPosture?  As with any type of posture, it doesn’t just come to you.  You actively set off to achieve it.  We help you instrument your public cloud accounts, your cloud security posture.  We offer the tools to enable continuous compliance across regulations that include GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOC, ISO, CIS, and others.  We help you apply these tools across critical verticals and use cases, such as cyber-insurance risk assessment or supply chain risk management.  We integrate these tools with your agile development processes. And, we package up this intelligence in the form of a ‘CISO Dashboard’ or as reports for your audit committee, providing you with a consolidated ‘Cavirin Risk Score’ that combines elements of security and compliance, for your cloud, and for your workloads.

The next step?  Visit us at RSA to learn more about Cavirin’s CyberPosture Intelligence, and while there challenge your existing cybersecurity partner on how to solve this hybrid cloud security and visibility challenge.  Then drop by booth N4439 and share your thoughts with us!

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