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Black Hat 2018 & BrightTALK Panels

Black Hat 2018

Everything CISO and Cybersecurity During Black Hat 2018

Black Hat celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, bringing together over 15,000 cybersecurity professionals to learn and network in Las Vegas.  At the Cavirin booth, people flooded to get their “Got CyberPosture” t-shirt and learn how the Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence platform provides “credit like” scoring, with actionable insights, helping enterprises align their security resources to more effectively address pressing threats of cyber attacks in their hybrid environments (multi-cloud, containers, and on-premise). 

Additionally, BrightTALK was at the heart of the action, streaming live panel sessions and engaging in conversations with some of the world's top security leaders. These panels offer a collaborative atmosphere, enhanced by speaker presentations and insights. Cavirin’s CSO, Joe Kucic participated in two of the thought-provoking panels:  Key Factors for CISO Success & Managing Your Cyber Risk!  If you were unable to join us in Vegas, we highly recommend tuning into these two panels available on the BrightTALK website. Here is a little more information about the webinars: 

The Key Factors for CISO Success was a Part 1 of 2 CISO panels during Black Hat. This panel was an in-depth focus on the ever-changing role of the CISO and the factors influencing their success. There was also a focus on why identifying your organization’s security culture matters. With the huge shift to cloud services, CISOs are needed to recruit, develop, and retain strong security talent.  Today’s cyber threats and the introduction of the hybrid cloud is forcing CISO’s to build a new arsenal of talent and tools to accommodate its present complexity. Kucic believes that CISO’s are beginning to adapt the continuous security model to address the frequency and acts of today’s threats.  CISO’s are required to know what their levels of exposures are based on different assets. Further, they must be able to prioritize the remediation actions that help improve the overall security posture of an organization.  Taking that data and being able to present it to leadership is key for a CISO’s success.   Lots more great insight from Joe and other members of the panel: Mark Weatherford (vArmour), Azi Cohen (WhiteSource) and Mark Whitehead (Trustwave).

The second panel that Cavirin’s CSO, Joe Kuicic, was featured on was Managing Your Cyber Risk lead by ITSPmagazine, based on detecting and responding to threats within your organization. This panel was a Q&A based around managing security risk. The key takeaway was that every company has it whether they want to acknowledge it or not. Kucic says that “risk management has evolved to be a business enabler, a differentiator if they do it right.  It allows companies to move quicker with technologies and go to market faster than their competitors if they look at it the right way and not just as a compliance requirement”. Continuous visibility is important because risks and breaches are ongoing and not just a single occurrence.  Finally, he adds that remediation and mitigation are things that companies continue to struggle with today.  Both webinars are available on BrightTALK for free! Tune in for the full coverage.

Overall, Cavirin’s participation at Black Hat was awesome due to the relationships built, conversations enjoyed, and insights gained this year. To continue the BH momentum, if you want to see a demo of our CyberPosture Intelligence Platform, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  We would love to keep the connections going! We even might be able to get you the hot “Got CyberPosture” t-shirt.  See you soon.



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