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Audits Suck but Don’t Have To!

Many feel like their compliance auditor takes on the form of a White Walker from the HBO’s Game of Thrones series when they come into your IT/Security department. Quite frankly some are eviler but most are actually there to do a fair day’s...

Most of us will go through some form of audit during our lifetime.  Many will go through several. Some of us will feel like our job is a continuous audit nightmare.  Now more than ever, IT and Information Security audits will become the new normal.  Organizations that never had to deal with audits before will be held to a different standard simply because of the number of breaches that are being mentioned in the news.  Not to mention the visibility of the breach notification letters in our mailboxes indicating your credit card or healthcare information has been lost due to a cyber attack. Data privacy standards coming down now from Europe will completely change the game for companies processing EU member data. New approaches to automating your audits and measuring your performance on a continuous basis are here. 

As someone who has been held accountable for preparing and passing some very difficult audits (ISO, PCI) I want to showcase a new approach of managing the day-to-day challenges of implementing security best practices and assessing your operational risk against the major compliance frameworks out there such as CIS, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, DISA, etc.  I have never been more proud of an organization for working diligently to identify a gap and to solve a business problem.  At Cavirin, our agentless automated security Platform helps solve these audit challenges.  Don’t get hit by the White Walkers. Partner with Cavirin to automate your audit processes as well as reduce your costs. Let us show you how we can be your Valyrian Steel for information security! 


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