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You need an army…

A cyber army. Maybe you don’t want Seal Team Six leading up the charge to defend you or your organization.  However, “… deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties..” we all would like to have a team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals protecting our virtual walls.

This cyber army should include (and not be limited to) a proven CIO (Chief Information Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), team of network and security engineers/analysts, certified incident response handlers and last but not least, a highly cyber-educated legal team.  Tools are important but many don’t truly address the operational risk associated with your multiple environments and don’t integrate on a continuous basis. A majority of organizations’ scope is moving to the cloud in the form of hybrid computing: on-premise data centers and 3rd party hosting/public clouds. Scope and responsibility is increasing for the entire organization and compliance and regulations show no signs of slowing down.  BYOC: Bring Your Own Compliance

Some organizations are fortunate to be able to budget for this kind of cyber army to protect their cyber walls.  However, most know “they need those kind of skills on their cyber walls!” but often struggle to come up with the proper budget to fund the army with the soldiers and weaponry they need to be successful. I personally have felt the challenges of dealing with major compliance and security initiatives on a limited budget.  This is a scenario that faces most leadership. IT and security executives are challenged today with even bigger consequences if they can’t fund cyber security initiatives with the right resources. This includes being dismissed from their post and lawsuits. Creativity in the form of training and tools is required to address the problem head on.

It is obvious there continues to be great hills to climb for all organizations: SMB (Small & Medium-Sized Business, governments and VLE (Very Large Enterprises).  Whether you are processing payment card data and need to adhere to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards or Patient Health Information (PHI) HIPAA COMPLIANCE will continue to be a priority.  Last but not least, if you are doing business in the EU (European Union) and handle ANY of the 28 member’s data, you are soon going to have to follow strict data privacy guidelines per legislation that should be finalized this year. Get in front of this now before it costs you 2% of your global sales! Avoidance is not an option but automation is…

Cyber theater is definitely a different dimension than traditional kinetic theater/warfare.  At Cavirin Systems, we know your budgets are tight and the list of security best practices and compliance projects are long.  So we purposely built ARAP, our innovative Automated Risk Analysis Platform. It allows you to extend your virtual army without the major costs associated with additional IT/security headcount.  ARAP’s agentless capabilities allows for the automated discovery and analysis of your entire ecosystem (on premise & cloud).  Organizations are able to cut costs associated with managing this constantly changing environment. ARAP comes pre-built with content and automated machine-level checks for all of the major security best practice and compliance frameworks such as NIST, DISA, CIS, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, SOC. You will know your operational risk scorecard for on premise and cloud infrastructure within hours. Extensibility allows you to easily integrate with other critical security platforms such as SIEM, CMBD, etc.

We are extremely pleased to announce that customers are taking full advantage of this automation and transparency capability to reduce their cyber risk posture and beef up their cyber army for defense.  ARAP (Automated Risk Analysis Platform) received Adaptive Compliance’s PCI Continuous Compliance Certification.  The platform has been formally certified by an authorized PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).  Continuous compliance is not a panacea anymore.  Don’t settle for a reduced security posture because outmoded solutions don’t keep pace with your dynamic business and computing environments. Extend your virtual cyber army today!


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