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Under the Tree – The 2018 USTelecom Cybersecurity Toolkit

Now and then you come across a truly valuable presentation or piece of collateral.  In this case, USTelecom, the organization that represents telecommunications businesses in the US, has put together a bit of both as a gift to the community at-large.

It was developed to help individuals and organizations better understand cybersecurity challenges and responses.  The 50 slide PowerPoint show includes over 350 links to almost every security guideline imaginable – government, corporate, academic, analyst – and includes definitions, reports, best practices, and strategies.

The document is divided into 19 sections, covering cybersecurity at a high-level, and then drilling down into different technology and policy aspects.


For example, within section 10, ‘The Department of Commerce,’ both NTIA and NIST are addressed.  This is where you can learn about the Cybersecurity Framework and other relevant publications.  And for those keeping track, on Dec 5, NIST released a second draft of the CSF update.

The document is available here and read about Cavirin’s NIST initiatives.  Our hope is that USTelecom will update the document on at least a yearly basis.


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