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Cloud Security is Inside Out

With all of the recent high-profile data breaches, companies are scrambling to figure out ways to secure their IT infrastructure, including their public clouds. It can be confusing to sort through the morass of cloud-security solutions and vendors and emerge confidently with a selection.

One reason for the confusion is that the word “cloud security” is a broad, general term. It’s not always easy to determine exactly what each solution secures.

Some products on the market are built to secure the individual devices and VMs (workloads). Other products, secure the cloud account itself, but not the workload within the environment. What most sales reps won’t tell you is that real cloud security requires both. After all, you can protect your workload with firewalls, intrusion detection, and meticulous patch management. But if you leave your environment unprotected with a weak account password or open SSH access, you’re still vulnerable to attack.

Here’s an offline analogy: Would you lock your wallet in the glove compartment of your car, but leave the car doors unlocked? Of course not. You know that you need both layers of protection to be completely safe.

All of the recent high-profile data breaches have one thing in common—they were missing security on one side of the equation. The results spoke for themselves.

This is why Cavirin developed its proprietary ContainerLock Technology™. ContainerLock protects both the cloud workload, as well as the cloud account. It further extends this protection to your datacenter—making it easy to apply consistent security policies throughout your entire environment.

We think Cavirin with ContainerLock Technology&#8482 is the best new weapon in the war against cybercrime. Ready to learn more? We’d be happy to give you demo.



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