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Drive Fast, Be Bold and Have an Extinguisher!

Trying out new technologies that sound cool can often be a drag on your resources and there can be flare ups.  We all need to take things for a test drive. Your business needs to be fast and agile and your evaluation of new technology needs to be equally fast.

 When it comes to technology adoption, the value proposition on trying out an ongoing carousel of new security products is upon us and can be overwhelming.  It is our opinion that it doesn’t have to be. So how do you evaluate ones that sound interesting but you have limited time and budget to do it? At Cavirin, we have come up with a fairly painless way to ensure your test drive doesn’t go up in flames.

We are proud to announce that in addition to being in the AWS Marketplace with our ARAP (Automated Risk Analysis Platform) we now have a very simple process to test drive our platform for FREE.  It won’t take but a few minutes of your time in the scripted test drive for you and your team to see the value of our automated risk and compliance platform for both on-premise and cloud ecosystems.  No need to provision servers or ask for change orders. Please feel free to like/share this with your networks so others can easily discover how to improve their operational risk posture and automate their compliance/audit efforts. Did I mentioned it is free and we promise we won’t make you talk to the used car salesman!


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