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We Believe That Children Are Our Future

Reinventing how we connect at AWS re:Invent

This year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas was full of excitement – from announcements about new services and features, to success stories, new partnerships, and so much more.

The convention was buzzing with energy and people making connections, collaborating, pushing the boundaries on new frontiers and opportunities to do things better, more efficiently, taking their services and data in the cloud to the next level.

The Expo Hall was filled with incredible energy of amazing companies and innovative products, but I am proud to say that the buzz surrounding the Cavirin booth was absolutely phenomenal. With hundreds of exhibitors in the Hall, what made people stop and listen to what we had to say?

Here are five reasons why more than 2,000 people turned their heads and stopped to connect with us. Spoiler alert: it was not for flashy giveaways, nor t-shirts and certainly wasn’t due to a massive marketing budget!

  1. A passionate team who believes and supports our company and product 100%. You can’t fake the sincerity in your employees’ voice or the sparkle in their eyes. Passion and genuine drive translate into confidence and assurance for our clients that we are here to help, work together and arm them with the comprehensive one-of-a-kind solution they need to battle the problems they are faced with every day.
  2. Our product is forward-looking, comprehensive solution that solves security and compliance problems that all organizations struggle to solve today. Ask yourselves, are current security solutions working? Recent breaches suggest no. With Cavirin’s Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) you get complete transparency and visibility in your workloads, no matter where they reside. Our unique platform is specifically designed to mitigate the security and compliance challenges fast-growing companies are dealing with today. 
  3. We have an edge on the competition. Can any other solution do what we do? Not really. ARAP is the only agent-less, cost-effective platform that can protect your data INSIDE and OUTSIDE the container. Purpose built for the hybrid cloud. No additional staff is needed to implement our solution and it deploys as a virtual appliance, saving time and money for your Ops/Infosec team. Additionally, it helps automates your audit compliance ultimately making it less burdensome for your team.  Freeing them up to focus on innovation and revenue generating projects.
  4. We are socially responsible. Who needs another t-shirt? Or a stress ball, or a fancy gadget? Ok, we admit, the allure to material things can be strong sometimes, but what is stronger and more meaningful is helping those who need it and making a difference in our communities. That is why instead of offering promo materials and giving away cool tech toys, we decided to run a Connect2Donate campaign. For every badge that we scanned, every connection we made at re:Invent, we are donating a dollar to, an organization helping children learn computer science in school and learn to code. At Cavirin, we truly do believe that children are our future. We need our children to continue on this great technological momentum we have going and build this future workforce from the early years, inspire their curiosity and help them reach their dreams. People connect with that. We were blown away by the excitement and admiration on people’s faces as we told them about the campaign. That’s more than $2,000 donated to the organization just from us making connections at the conference.
  5. We offer a free Test Drive. Don’t have time for a demo but want to get a quick grasp on the solution we have at your own convenience? We got you. That’s why we offer a free test drive of ARAP on AWS. No tricks, no gimmicks. Push start on our test drive and automatically discover and score your dynamic cloud in just minutes.

Coming on the heels of this fantastic event, we are absolutely thrilled to continue on our mission and re-connect with all of the amazing people we met last week.

Good things continue to happen every day at Cavirin. Our company was just named one of The Silicon Review’s 20 Fastest Growing Security Companies– another validation of the fact that Cavirin is emerging as the industry leader organizations turn to and trust, as they look to automate their audit compliance and risk management processes.

I am proud of the whole Cavirin team and looking forward to more amazing events and opportunities to meet both old contacts and new. Battling the issues so many of you are facing together is key. Let Cavirin provide the transparency and intelligence needed to implement a successful security strategy in your organization. If you haven’t already, connect with us, get to know us, and learn how we can help.


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