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Beyond the Shared Responsibility Model eGuide

Understanding Your Cloud Security Responsibility

With today's cloud security challenges, the shared responsibility model (for AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud) is a great place to start in addressing these concerns, but it’s just a starting point. The model includes private clouds, public clouds (hybrid or dedicated), and software as a service (SaaS) applications, each bringing its own unique agility benefits and security issues. Overall, the shared security model represents that the responsibility is split between the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the client. Security compliance starts with this united approach. However, customers are often not clear where their provider’s role ends, and where theirs begins. This creates gaps from which emerge security issues and threats. The key to being secure is a solid understanding of your responsibility so you can build a cloud security strategy to defend your environment from malicious attacks. This is where Cavirin can come in:

Cavirin’s essential eGuide goes beyond the shared responsibility model, providing you guidance on what you need to understand when migrating to the cloud.

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