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Automate HIPAA Compliance and Beyond


Continuous visibility into your entire infrastructure (on-premise and in the cloud) assessing security posture to industry standards and customized benchmarks, further providing prescriptive remediation guidance to ensure the protection of confidential healthcare information.

Cavirin's healthcare solution supports the NIST CSF and HIPAA technical controls, as well as the AWS HIPAA Quickstart, and provides you the ability to customize frameworks based on specific business requirements so that you can automate compliance to achieve and maintain your golden cybersecurity posture.


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The Struggle

Complying with HIPAA technical requirements while safeguarding Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) has become complex, especially with the introduction of the cloud and containers, placing an additional burden on staff and budget.

The Solution

Cavirin's continuous security spans both on-premise and the cloud, ensuring that the technical controls are in place to protect ePHI and help facilitate HIPAA and HiTECH compliance—including AWS HIPAA, Azure HIPAA, and GCP HIPAA—if leveraging the public cloud.

Cavirin can also help ensure that your organization has implemented proper user controls, that it is encrypting critical data, and that it has in place proper data recovery and disposal procedures a key component for securing a successful HIPAA audit.

Outstanding Features

  • A single unified view of assets, vulnerabilities and compliance status across the entire infrastructure.
  • Faster discovery and analysis time to address security threats/breaches.
  • On-premise or in the cloud, the rich set of preloaded CIS, NIST, HIPAA, and cloud hardening benchmarks, plus the flexibility to create customizable benchmarks, delivers a more secure experience for your customers, partners, employees, and investors.
  • API-first architecture that works with other security and automation solutions supporting areas as diverse as vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and remediation workflow automation.
  • Powerful 'group' function allows selection and analysis of workloads such as HIPAA spanning on-premise and multiple cloud operators, creating a true end-to-end view of security posture.

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Solution Brief

Protecting EPHI

Being both a strategic and lucrative target, hospitals and healthcare organizations are among the most vulnerable organizations to security threats. Over the past year we have seen an inflex of new malware threats and employees stealing (and selling) data more frequently then ever before. HIPAA-covered entities large and small are under attack.

With budget and training constraints, one solution is to automate as much as possible, taking the human element out of the equation where practical and creating a HIPAA compliant cloud or hybrid cloud. Check out this Solution Brief to find out how automated security and prescribed remediation across spanning both on-premise and the cloud can ensure protection of confidential patient data.


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