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Draft Day: Cyber Security Top 100

This is a very special time of the year for both college and pro football fans alike.  For the college fan, it is a chance to see their favorite players rewarded for all of their hard work the past several years making their alma mater respectable on the gridiron.  You can probably tell I bleed Husker red from my photo of Ameer Abdullah.  Go Big Red!

For the fanatic pro fan, this event is a close third to the Superbowl and Playoffs.  The draft is the future of the franchise.  Essential building blocks for the road to the Lombardi trophy.  You will see the Jet’s, Pats, Giants fans out in full force this weekend cheering and ranting for their next crop of Tom Brady’s, Eli Manning’s or Joe Namath’s.  Sorry Jet’s fans, it has been that long ;-)…

As I reflect on this upcoming annual phenomenon, I can’t help but also feel a rush of excitement.  The evaluation of players to determine who can help your team defend its title or just get to a winning season is an important task.  In this regard, it is a very similar exercise for executives and board of directors that are evaluating companies who claim prowess in defending their information assets and digital crown jewels.  Said another way, sifting through the ever-growing sea of cybersecurity companies.

Fresh off our first RSA conference at Cavirin, we are pleased to announced that our Draft stock is way up with regard to cybersecurity prowess.  We are pleased to announce that we have been ranked by Menlo Park/NYC Cybersecurity Venture’s in their Top 500 Hot Cyber Security Companies.  We smashed into the rankings for the first time coming in all the way at #87!! Ranked ahead of some very solid and proven companies, many which are direct competitors.  We are continuously innovating, hungry and chasing the leaders, relentlessly…

“Cavirin is a thought leader in cloud security with an impressive and growing line up of customers and big brand name technology partners” says Steve Morgan, founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-In-Chief of the Cybersecurity Market Report and the Cybersecurity 500.  “Wrapping governance, risk and compliance (GRC) around the cloud is a daunting proposition for CISOs and IT security practitioners.  Just defining what the ‘cloud’ is and where it extends to as it relates to securing an enterprise is a big challenge.  That’s where Cavirin comes in.  They take a unique approach to automating IT and cloud security for corporations in the healthcare, insurance, legal, finance, retail, and transportation verticals.”

As you look at your cyber security “Big Board”, it certainly helps to have respected organizations like Cybersecurity Ventures looking at the landscape with you for additional input.  Their information security industry experts are the equivalent of your pro scouts.  However, you are also doing your cybersecurity draft homework yourself.  YOU are the General Manager and Coach. Ultimately, it is your call on your picks. Now that there are significantly more cyber companies (players) in the market to choose from on draft day, it is imperative that you pick the right players to augment your team and infosec strategy.  You don’t need anymore draft busts that sit on the bench or in the case of software, become “shelfware.”  Start by looking at #87 if you desire to improve your security posture and manage your operational risk in the data center AND the cloud.


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