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Cyber Risk is a Board Level Issue - Why ARAP

Cyber risk is no longer just an array of IT Risks, it is a board-level issue.  

“Through 2020, 80% of cloud breaches will be due to customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials or insider theft, not cloud provider vulnerabilities.”


All things being equal, cloud service environments put tremendous control in the hands of the consumer. This can make for a very bad cloud. CISO, CIO, Privacy and Compliance, are all experiencing:

  • Increased Risk of Breach and Exposure – Driving increased audit and compliance pressure
  • Cloud and DevOps Automation – Lack of risk visibility across complex hybrid IT infrastructures, –DevOps automation breaking legacy security and compliance tools
  • Manual Security and Compliance Processes - costing thousands of FTE hours and distracting the business from core duties
  • Automated Security, Risk and Compliance Tools are required, but no one has time to configure and implement them
  • Cybersecurity is increasingly about Risk Management
  • Legacy security solutions are have resoundingly failed keep pace with new technology

Why Cavirin ARAP?

Cavirin's Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) provides complete transparency of IT risk. We leverage a proprietary, agent-less discovery engine to continuously catalog your devices no matter where they reside (Cloud as well as on premise), known or unknown. Once devices are discovered, the platform can dynamically apply thousands of out of the box security & compliance frameworks, such as NIST, CIS, ISO, HIPAA and PCI etc. based on your specific industry requirements. Customers can also author their own policies that may include File Integrity Monitoring functionality to detect configuration drift and alert accordingly.

The end result is a balanced scorecard approach to identifying assets, calculating their risk to the business and then prescribing fixes.

Through continuous discovery and Cavirin provides continuous monitoring, assessing security and compliance risk

Cavirin allows organizations to proactively do the following:

  • Continuously test security controls and conduct automated risk assessments using authoritative security frameworks and industry best practices
  • Help minimize the cost of loss and collateral damage as a result of a cyber-security breach/event by “knowing what you don’t know.”
  • Assess cyber risk of an organization during due diligence of the M&A process as well as during/after Integration-This could factor heavily in the decision to do the deal and/or price of the deal.
  • Advise clients and insurers on approaches for assessing risk prior to/after obtaining a cyber insurance policy
    • (Cavirin can provide key risk indicators to aid in predictive modeling)
  • Assess the risk of Supply Chain and other 3rd parties

By creating a continuous and transparent view into the IT security posture of an organization, remediation can be planned and strategic investments made in order to reduce the overall cyber risk of the organization. Boards, directors and officers are going to continue to be in the cross hairs if they don’t look to leverage more proactive approaches to understanding how they assess, manage and mitigate their IT risk.

Cavirin is a provider of next-generation security-and-compliance automation software. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Cavirin provides the only software solution that addresses risk both on premise and across multiple cloud environments. Global enterprise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leaders depend on Cavirin to enhance security, ensure compliance, and reassure cloud customers.

 How Cavirin Can help

Cavirin Can

Compliance in any environment

  • Cloud Native platform supporting 12-factor patterns (things like port binding, logs, concurrency…)
  • A “hyper plane” of integrated “risk assessment” amongst segmented vulnerability domains
  • Works with Private, Hybrid, and Public Clouds
  • Support AWS, Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Manages thousands of out-of-box policies, well curated and certified (SCAP, XCCDF, OVAL)
  • Supports current compliance authority (PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, SOC 2, FedRamp, CIS Benchmark, DISA, CIS CSC, CSF)
  • Is CIS Certified security content (Multiple OS, Docker, AWS Cloud)
  • Complies with DISA standards in all aspects of delivery and reported results

Be Cyber Ready

  • Know the critical assets and who’s responsible for them
  • Get everyone involved in cyber-resilience
  • Assure they have the knowledge and autonomy to make good decisions
  • Be prepared for both unsuccessful AND successful attack
  • Prevent a cloud enabled cyber-attack from throwing your organization into complete chaos.

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