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Cavirin Connects the Channel to the Cloud

Introduction of the Cavirin Connect Global Channel Partner Program

This week, we announced our new Cavirin Connect Program, empowering resellers, integrators, and MSSPs to offer the Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence solution to customers worldwide, solving full spectrum hybrid cloud security challenges.

In the very competitive security market, the channel is looking for new ways to solve customer problems and differentiate themselves. The demand for a solution that provides controlled secure asset migration in complex hybrid cloud infrastructures represents just such a challenge and an opportunity.

Cavirin is ideal for this, as we have the perfect solution for organizations looking to maintain business continuity while moving critical assets in the cloud and in multi-faceted hybrid environments! Cavirin’s CyberPosture Intelligence solution, which includes a wizard-based, API-driven control plane, is simple to ingest by the channel. Cavirin Connect brings tremendous value to their customers while offering low cost of sale. Cavirin cloud security automation addresses that!

For MSSPs, the program aligns with evolving cloud service offerings and allows them to focus on hybrid cloud service delivery that has meaningful bottom-line impact most important to their consumers.

We help the channel better address C-level concerns of their customers too – security and visibility. Cavirin makes it simple for executives to understand their cloud security defensive posture, to understand potential risk, and to improve their stance against potential threats at low cost.

Unfortunately, organizations haven’t had access to a best-in-class solution like Cavirin that prevents data breaches by giving them unified control over all hybrid assets. It’s simply hard to control and protect what you can’t see! We deliver the visibility and control necessary to secure their entire hybrid cloud theater through our Cavirin Connect Channel Partners.

We’re in the business of making it easy to manage security in complex environments without having channel customers drive multiple silo viewing tools into their hybrid workloads. Cavirin’s atmospheric global control and visibility of the hybrid-cloud security plane allows our partners to deliver value highly sought after by today’s enterprise organizations.

Cavirin Connect equips our partners with the necessary technical and business acumen to enable them to deliver cutting-edge hybrid cloud security to their customers.

We also spent a great deal of time thinking about the onboarding and channel management process. In conjunction with the announcement, Cavirin’s partner management portal based on Allbound is now live, a one-stop shop for deal management, co-marketing, training, all with a goal of reducing the sales cycle and increasing the partner’s win rate. Key components of the program include tiered discounts and a 100% deal registration model to avoid channel conflict while increasing margins.

Inaugural members of the Cavirin Connect Partner Program include Astadia in the UK, Bodega Technologies, InterVision, Lite Distribution in Australia, Logicworks, Scalar in Canada, Titans Security in Israel, Veristor and others. Though less than 20% of our revenue today is via the channel, we intend for this to grow to 100% over time. Partner-driven lower-touch engagements will be the domain of our commercial team, while larger enterprises will follow a high-touch model, also driven through the channel.

Our promise is to deliver an unparalleled onboarding and ‘day-2’ experience that will generate value and cause partners to want to work with us…. a win-win for all involved.

Partnership, Protection, Profit with Technical and Business Superiority for our trusted Cavirin Connect Partners. This is Cavirin Connect.

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