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Introduction to CyberPosture Scoring

Cybersecurity Scoring Blog Series

To help your organization understand and leverage a cybersecurity scoring posture as part of our overall information security management program, you will find this first in the three-part blog series the jump-start you need. Over the course of the series, we will present the concept of a cybersecurity posture along with a framework and an approach to calculate your overall posture score.

  1. Introduction to CyberPosture Scoring
  2. Cybersecurity Posture Scoring vs Risk Scoring
  3. Using a Security Framework to Measure Your CyberPosture Score

Cyber Security Posture Scoring: How Strong Are Your Controls?

For many years, security frameworks have presented a common methodology for assessing cybersecurity risks. Recently, frameworks have begun to emerge as a way to also assess an organization’s cybersecurity posture—a measurement of the strength of the deployed controls that are meant to protect the digital infrastructure. 

One way to understand the difference between a risk assessment and a posture assessment is to consider the case of a major city located on the coastline. A risk assessment can identify the extent to which the city harbor is susceptible to storm surges and flooding. In reaction to that assessment, the city might choose to install offshore barriers. 

A posture assessment would then measure just how effective those barriers are in defending against potential storm surges and floods. The stronger the barriers, the lower the risk becomes in future assessments.

The Key Attributes of a Cyber Posture Scoring Platform

While generating an overall cyber security posture score is important, the platform you utilize should also include attributes that allow you to put that score to good use. This includes making the results comprehensible to personnel with minimal cybersecurity training. The results must also be meaningful and represent the strengths of the risk controls in order to adequately drive prioritized action plans starting at the board and executive level, working its way down to the security operations center and the security analysts. 

The scoring results provided by the leading cybersecurity scoring platforms are based on industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks. They are also comprehensive—incorporating all the risk signals that the organization is aware of, and then comparing those risks to the controls in place to mitigate the risks. 

Leading solutions also provide extensibility to integrate cybersecurity posture scoring with other security management applications. In addition, you can incorporate risk signals added in the future to ensure your security controls keep pace with new threats.

The Benefits of Cyber Posture Scoring

While risk assessments are meant to help you lower your risk score, control assessments are meant to help you raise your cyber posture score. The higher the number, the better your security posture. By applying cyber posture scoring, organizations reap several benefits:

  • Measures the efficacy of the information security and compliance programs for the enterprise.
  • Creates a better understanding of the security and compliance posture, and how to address important concerns.
  • Compares internal security and compliance controls against the most common threats.
  • Produces a benchmark to compare security performance against industry peers and competitors.
  • Facilitates communication of cybersecurity reports with executives by explaining security program effectiveness within the business context.
  • Provides additional guidance to help reduce and mitigate cybersecurity risk.
  • Generates machine learning insights to enable proactive measures against risk-inducing behaviors.

In the blogs that follow, we compare and contrast posture assessments vs. risk assessments, the basic elements of a posture scoring framework, how cybersecurity posture scoring works, and how to get started with scoring your cybersecurity posture—including what you need to do before you can start scoring. 

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