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Cavirin 2018 Summer Release Overview (Part 2)

security automation framework

“NEW” CyberPosture Intelligence Solution

Cavirin is a world’s first solution that provides CyberPosture intelligence for the hybrid cloud. It does so by discovering resources located on-premises, in traditional data centers such as virtual/physical machines, in multi-cloud environments (Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure) and/or Docker/Container based environments. Subsequently, Cavirin enables risk, security and compliance management for these hybrid cloud resources through a Protect-Monitor-Respond-Predict based automation framework. Cavirin supports 25 audit frameworks derived from Security (NIST, CIS etc.) and compliance (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO etc.) domains to ensure corporate security and compliance policies are enforced for the hybrid enterprise of tomorrow! The Cavirin solution has been featured in leading market research reports and has won multiple awards for innovation and market leadership.  

Here is the second part (in a two-part series) that highlights customer benefits along with the features supported in our Summer 2018 release of Cavirin's "New" CyberPosture Intelligence Solution--Check out Part 1 or visit the "Why Cavirin" page for an introduction into our CyberPosture Intelligence solution.

1. Protect-Monitor-Respond-Predict security automation framework

Cavirin has implemented the Protect-monitor-respond-predict security automation framework which is at the core of everything that Cavirin does. We have provided the various puzzle pieces in this security automation framework over the last few releases and added some new elements in the summer release as well. 

Technology and Infrastructure agnostic solution - Cavirin provides the Protect-Monitor-Respond-Predict security automation framework with a single pane of glass view for the hybrid cloud infrastructure in a technology agnostic, cloud infrastructure agnostic manner so that customers don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure type.

In the summer release we have augmented the support greatly, namely:

  • Protect: we have increased the coverage for “protection” policies greatly, including adding new control frameworks such as support for CCPA (California consumer privacy act), Support for CIS Azure and CIS GCP benchmarks, enhancing AWS Cloud policies support, thereby further strengthening the number of policies support to be unparalleled in the industry. Cavirin supports 80,000 policies over 25 control frameworks.
  • Monitor: there are multiple ways that Cavirin implements monitoring,
    • Golden Posture monitoring: Continuous monitoring to ensure any golden posture drifts are detected and alerted through any of the signaling channels supported by Cavirin: JIRA/Slack/ServiceNow/PagerDuty.
    • AWS Lambda and SNS-Based Monitoring: Security monitoring of AWS CloudTrail events has been revamped to detect and alert operations staff via SNS Topics when the configuration of AWS resources are modified. 

  • Respond: Cavirin provides several capabilities to remediate the various issues/problems discovered by the Cavirin solution:
    • Cavirin provides a prioritized remediation gap report which provides a sorted and “prioritized” action plan based on its potential improvement on the overall CyberPosture score. This enables customers to focus on the most impactful remediation plan thereby minimizing time and resources expended.
    • Auto-remediation: Cavirin is launching “CavBots” to execute auto-remediation capabilities that are detailed below.
  • Predict: Cavirin provides data science insights to understand how the CyberPosture score is trending with time. Further, there are ways to analyze the assessment data for all the resources discovered and managed by the Cavirin solution. Capabilities exist to filter, sort, remediate and generate extensive reports with multiple perspectives as required by the customer.


2. Auto-remediation through Cavirin Cloud-bots aka “CavBots”

From the CISO Dashboard, there are two ways to get remediation guidance

  • Alerts and Remediation: Users can view failed policies sorted by their impact on the CyberPosture score, get a prioritized gap report along with remediation guidance and post notifications or work-items in Slack, PagerDuty, Jira and ServiceNow.
  • AWS Lambda-Based Remediation (New): Users can configure Cavirin to auto-remediate using built-in auto-remediation capabilities using “Cav-Bots” which execute remediation commands on behalf of the user. Remediation of AWS policy failures are achieved via AWS Lambda. Pre-built Lambda functions can be deployed in customer’s AWS accounts to initiate remediation of failed AWS policies.


3. More Enterprise-ready features

There are several enhancements made to support large enterprise-grade scalability and deployability to ensure that Cavirin can integrate with the enterprise infrastructure for large-scale enterprise deployments.

  • Role Based Access Control (New): To support deployments within large organizations, Cavirin’s Role-Based Access Control features allow customers to segment users, asset groups, reports and resources based on user’s role and function. In addition, access to CyberPosture views and actions is restricted by a user’s role. Custom roles can also be defined providing great flexibility.
  • Single Sign-On (New): Support for single-sign-on with Single-Sign-On products including support for Okta.
  • Enhanced OS Support (Enhanced): Certified Cavirin software on Ubuntu 16.04 (from 14.04). the Content team will continue to release content updates every month.
  • Digital fingerprinting of assets: Each asset in Cavirin has a unique identifier (GUID) which is derived by doing a digital fingerprinting of every asset discovered by Cavirin. With the Summer, 2018 release, compute instances are identified by their GUID. A given GUID may have multiple IP addresses. This identifier is used during the entire “Protect”-“Monitor”-Respond-Predict security automation framework. This also helps greatly to identify and de-duplicate compute instances.
  • Cloud workflow framework (New): Significant increase in the number of policies that Cavirin supports across major clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud). In addition, Cavirin provides the ability to roll-out additional content fast to customers on a regular basis.

Check out Why Cavirin for more information on our CyberPosture Intelligence Solution.


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